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'Self Portrait as a Crash Test Dummy'

Gilding in aluminium, 24 carat gold and oxidised copper, bas-relief sculptures, heart shaped rocks, abalone shells, acrylic paint, dried rose stems, small resin sculptures.

This work was done for a group exhibition on the subject of 'Pleasure and Pain'.



Copyright Debra Liel-Brown


Coloured pencils and Dutch Metal gilding.


Above - 'Torso'

Cement with rust finish. Limited edition of 8.

 1 left - $120.00

Portia Geach, portrait of Fiona O'bierne


Above - 'Ashes Urn - Falling in Love With God'.

Plaster, wire, acrylic paint, resin, glass picture frame, plastic container, string, small resin sculpture, dried leaves, metal tubing, Dutch metal and aluminium gilding.

This piece was done for a group exhibition called 'The Final Journey' where each artist commented on death.


Above - ' Portrait of Fiona O'Bierne' 

2 x 2 m,

chosen to hung in the Portia Geach 

'Ross McGreggor' - Copy 844kb.jpg


Above - ' Portrait of Ross McGreggor' 

acrylics on canvas,

2 x 1.8 m,

betty kelly websize.jpg


Above - ' Portrait of Betty Kelly' 

acrylics on paper

75 cm x 1 m



Above - Private Commission - Ive forgotten the name.

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